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Requiring covid test results for holiday party?

If you are doing an in-person holiday party, what covid policy, if any, are you implementing? If you are requiring a negative test result, are you reimbursing employees for getting a rapid test? Are you offering on-site testing?

Hi Laura,

Considering the idea of the holiday party, which is to be as inclusive as possible to all employees and to celebrate a year well done, it makes sense to make the barrier to entry as low as possible.

Our next event we are definitely requiring vax proof or negative test, this makes sense given our states Health requirements and our company culture of making people feel safe to come back in.

We haven’t made firm rules for reimbursement, but if that was the only choke point was the price of testing, I would make a strong case to my own leadership to offer reimbursement. On-site testing to me doesn’t seem as a necessity unless the headcount and travel arrangements significantly posed a risk to prevent a large amount of participation, and I haven’t heard of any non-medical businesses offer this as the cost can outweigh the benefits.

Hi Laura - similarily to @MG_Jacen we are requiring that people have proof of vaccination and a negative LFT test or have taken a PCR test that day.
We are not reimbursing the tests or offering on-site tyesting as it can all be capturted on peoples personal NHS app. We already ask people to do the same thing if coming into the office to work (which is choice led not mandated)
We are messaging it in line with our values around caring for each other and the community.

Thanks @MG_Jacen and @hannah_wright! It looks like we are doing something similar to you, Hannah. Employees already have a deadline to submit their proof of vaccination, so that helps tremendously. The biggest concern was/is the plus 1s and unvaccinated folks. We created a process that will hopefully go swimmingly! Good luck with your events and happy holidays!!

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