ROWE post COVID-19

I’m beginning to look at future ways of working post lock down and wondered if anyone else is exploring remote/flexible working, meeting cultures, talent and performance management, communication and of course L&D in a post lock down business. I’ve been pushing results only working environments (ROWE) for a while but it has been slow up to this point. Now that we have proven that remote working can work and that Fuse can support a large part of it I’m keen to take an opportunity to push ROWE further.

Is there anyone that had a ROWE set up prior to COVID-19 and would be willing to share how it works for you?

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Hi Hammy. I did not have a ROWE set up prior, but also working on similar “future of work” questions. I wonder if folks might want to start a conversation about what it will look like to re-emerge and what our teams will need? I’d be happy to support that conversation or help organize.
Amanda Perkins
Education First

Hi Amanda, I think that would be a great idea and happy to support too.

Such good thinking…love this. One of the things we have been thinking about, and suggesting to clients is considering this as a “Build Back Better” perspective in Business Continuity Planning - they have this concept that should you have a disaster - a fire etc in a facility - you would never build the same facility again, but that you learn from what you had before and from what you experienced and then Build Back Better. So what about just starting simply with that - what new capabilities are your teams building, what skills are they learning and how do you then encourage them to build that back into what it looks like in the future. So for example in terms of ROWE - how are they learning to manage to results only, and let go of inputs/activities ( assuming that they are as it is still possible to fester in presenteeism of a different kind if this environment). So I would start as simple as that - what new things are people doing now, that are getting you closer to ROWE, and how do they want to make sure these new skills are part of their new normal. Hope that makes sense…

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