Safety (legal obligations) when working from home

Hi everyone, I wondered what we need to comply with (minimum standards) from a work health and safety POV when everyone is working from home for a long period of time. As we have no oversight, how do we ensure people’s ‘home office’ is set-up correctly and can we, as an organisation, become liable if someone for example gets RSI due to incorrect posture?

Hey @Daphne. Obligatory “Not A Lawyer” disclaimer, but as part of our onboarding process we have each team member conduct an audit of their workspace using a checklist and return a signed copy for compliance. The checklist is based on state OH&S guidelines and covers Work Environment (lighting, ventilation, tripping hazards, accessible exits, smoke alarms, fire extinguisher, electricity supply), Workstation Set Up (posture, monitor distance, chairs, keyboards, foot/wrist rests), and Other Factors (emergency contacts, lines of communication, reporting injuries, advising of special needs).

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