Seeking #peopleGeeks in the Sydney, Australia area!

Would love to connect with other HR professionals in the area - please comment if you would be interested in starting a meetup!

Hi Brooke,
We’re so glad you reached out. Good news, we host Geek Ups frequently in Sydney. We just hosted one a fortnight ago with our Partners at Fitness First - we did a sweat session and spoke about ALL THINGS WELLBEING. It was ace.
We can’t wait to have you along to the next one! I’ll add you on LinkedIn (hopefully I can find you) I live just outside of Sydney and visit weekly so I look forward to GEEKING OUT with you soon.
Melissa Bouffler - People Geek
(feel free to add me in case I can’t find you haha)

Hi Brooke - I’m the other Mel from Culture Amp that is in Sydney regularly. I’m happy to introduce you to other people geeks in Sydney. Let me know!

Hi Brooke,
I’m also in Sydney and would love to attend meetups! I try to attend the Culture Amp Geek Ups when I can, but have awful luck as they’re usually on when I’m booked.