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Seeking recommendation for Reward & Recognition Tool

We are looking for recommendations for a good, easy to use, and flexible rewards and recognition system to use company-wide (@3000 ee’s). We’d like it to be connected to points/prizes/experiences and allow for quick recognition (no cost) opportunities.

Hey @Melissa_Frescholtz, welcome to People Geek Answers! I spoke to some colleagues and one recommendation they had was for

I’ll keep digging and see if there are any others. Hope this helps!


Another one that was just suggested is

They were a sponsor at Culture First Global 2019. @ShanFerg, are you able to give some more insights?

Ooh, thanks for connecting us, @DebMavric, and hi @Melissa_Frescholtz! This is just what Blueboard does!

We help companies reward their top employees with local, curated experiences and global travel instead of gift cards and cash bonuses. We’ve found that experiences are shareable and can be much more personalized, which makes them really powerful as a recognition tool. People just seem to have a much stronger connection to and appreciation for things they can do out in the real world. So, we make it easy for you to send people on hot air balloon rides, to surf lessons, cooking classes, and spa days, off to amusement parks with their families, and on big adventures like seeing the Northern Lights, etc. We handle all the logistics, and you just get to see happy employees and managers. :slight_smile: We have several different levels, so you can use Blueboard for all kinds of things – from small spot bonuses to significant recruiting referral rewards to epic 20-years of service gifts.

I’d be happy to chat more if you’re interested in other details. I just joined the team as Head of People in August, and I’m loving it so far!

We use and love it. It’s extremely easy to implement and the rewards are very flexible and customizable. My favorite feature is the Slack integration, which enables you to create a live Slack feed of all the ongoing recognition going around in the company. We’ve even pushed that feed to a big screen in our lobby so everyone (including clients & visitors) can see it.

Check out Snappy Gifts - I had a conversation with a Michelle Roth

Welcome to the People Geek Community. We have just recently signed an agreement with for use with a segment of our population. They have all the capacities you were seeking. The reason we chose them is that their business model does not rely on revenue from stocking rewards in the inventory your employees will select from when redeeming their points. We are a state agency and not able to offer awards with a cash value. Their platform provides optimal customization to help you achieve your organizational goals and build your culture.