Sharing 360 Feedback Beyond Coaches

Hello - I want to share 360 review feedback with more than 1 coach, however I can’t seem to see an option to add an additional coach? The manager is the owner of the feedback and review, however a lot of senior management would like to be able to review feedback across their teams. I can PDF the reviews and send them to senior managers, but this is very time consuming for a team of 65.


Hey there Sinéad! In Culture Amp you can only have one coach per process - but whoever was the subject of the 360 can share their report in the platform with whoever they like in the system. When they go to their report, they can see ‘Share’ as an option in the top-right hand corner.

If you have any more questions about it or need more detailed steps, you can always reach out to the support team on :slight_smile: