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Sharing Exit Interview Data with Managers


We have about a year of exit data that we are getting ready to start sharing with Leaders and Managers. Does any one have any best practices for sharing this? How often do you share it? How to help Managers best receive this feedback etc?

There are a few considerations that I believe need to be worked through: Firstly be sure you have a clear explanation why you have a year’s worth of data: depending on the data, this may look/feel like a leadership autopsy. If there have been lessons learned then the leadership team have missed a lot of time to apply improvements/changes.

Having said that, prepare the data as anonymous unless that is not possible. If there are specifics for one or two managers, then give them an early preview so they have time to absorb the feedback. If they are capable leaders then give them an option to present their feedback to the whole team. It may be stressful, however they can be in control and own it. Otherwise, consider the whole leadership team and their style for digesting perceptions and feedback. If there is a tendency to diffuse, avoid, blame, etc then I would propose that an executive table the feedback with their ownership of the culture that it represents. Then instead of arguing over the data, or discarding it as disgruntled employees, the leadership team takes it on board with immediate action to investigate further, survey existing employees, etc. Exiting employees are known to speak like a frustrated customer and this is valuable for the exec team. Hope that helps.

Hi @dhale,
When an employee leaves the business, part of our exit process is inviting them to an exit interview. Consent to disclose a summary of the feedback to the leadership team is requested - so we maintain a transparent culture and can derive outcomes/actions from the feedback.
This is shared immediately (via email, or in person, with suggested follow-up/actions items) after every individual employee exit, so the feedback is timely and allows us to make any adjustments for the new person replacing the role if needed.

Hi there, I think if you share the feedback along with some key themes that have come up and some suggestions on action items with a list of quick wins and some long term actions, that will not just help the leaders just focus on the problems but also solutions. Good luck!

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