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Shifting onboarding for a hybrid workforce

Hi there! for folks working in a hybrid environment, how are you designing & structuring onboarding sessions given that you’re onboarding both virtual and in-office teammates? Want to make sure that as we are updating our programming, it is as inclusive as possible

We shifted our 100% in-office experience to be a 100% remote onboarding last March 2020. Moving forward, we’re looking to update our onboarding to fit a hybrid work model, but I am struggling to design all-encompassing programming that is accessible to both populations without creating double the work for our L&D team.

Hi @Kathy_Bui,
We have had a hybrid workforce for over a decade, however, we have been able to improve our methodologies with our recent org-wide digital transformation.
We utilise our Learning Management System more for our onboarding than we previously did. Within that platform, we have the requisite compliance training but also developed our own induction training and incremental learning paths over the first 6 months. We have also moved all documents online with a safer digital signature system. We use MS Teams for face to face introductions, onboarding training and daily check-ins. Its messenger system is also useful for quick, casual chat. We also use Teams for file sharing and team planning (however, I prefer Trello as it’s more colourful and fun). We have a self-service portal for our employees to access our HR and Payroll systems (implementing a new HRIS as we speak, with more goal tracking and development planning capabilities).
All of this requires a good relationship with your IT team to ensure the new employee is all set up and accesses provided prior to commencement (this can be a tight turnaround). The only margin for failure is human: a lack of investment in time. Managers must invest time in onboarding their new employee virtually. They must remember to check in regularly, quick-chat regularly, and monitor the LMS and Teams to ensure the employee is accessing what they need and feeling included.
I hope this helps :smiley:

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