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Skills cards; template or bespoke?

Looking for some advice, we are about to launch the continuous feedback module, the first in our CultureAmp roll-out and I want some advice on whether you think the templates for the skills cards should be customised or if you get value in using the templated version. I feel like bespoke cards aligned to value and competencies of the business is more valuable and we’ll get more insights but keen to hear from people who have used the templates.

Hi Sheila! I would say it’s definitely worth customising the Skills Cards so that they match the language and frameworks that you use at your organisation! It helps to keep everyone aligned to the same terminology and mental models so people can give each other more meaningful feedback.
One other thing I’d also suggest for you to consider - some organisations I know have rolled out Continuous Feedback initially without any Skills Cards assigned to any departments - so that people just use the module initially to give qualitative feedback - and then they introduce the Skills Cards once people are familiar and comfortable with the process. This approach isn’t for every organisation, some do very well with introducing the whole module at once, but just thought I’d share so you can make a decision abuot what’s right for you!

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