Speaker Series (External Speaker)

We are looking to bring a speaker into our office for a lunch and learn event. With different types of companies within our organization we’re having difficulty choosing a topic/speaker.

Any ideas?

Hi Nicole!

Would love to throw a speaker from NOBL into the ring. Some of the most popular topics we discuss include how to manage the social and emotional aspects of organizational change; how to use “skateboards” to make incremental change, or how to create a culture that aligns with your market. But, happy to connect you with other speakers/companies if you’re looking for something different. What are some of the questions that you frequently hear from your team? Are they looking for personal development? Industry updates? Alternately, could this serve as an opportunity to showcase what other teams in the organization are working on—an internal “world fair?”

I hope that spurred some ideas!

Hey Nicole, when you say you have different types of companies within your organization, what do you mean? Just trying to better understand the challenge you’re having and how this community might best help.

Thanks all!

For clarification, my company is a foundry that supports ten companies. Five of which are located in a co-working space (where the speaker series will be taking place). Each company are currently facing different obstacles depending on their scale.

We work with the CEO’s of each company to provide L&D and some initiatives around culture.

NOBL looks like a great organization (signed up for the newsletter) but maybe too robust for what we’re looking for at the moment.

Thanks for the clarification. It sounds like you’re having a ‘can’t please everyone’ moment. Perhaps you could list out the different challenges and see where there might be overlap? And choose a speaker based on this?
Or you could do a series of different lunch and learns focused on each of the topics?

If they’re all dealing with challenges of scale, they might find this chart particularly helpful!