Successful Induction Program Tips

What are the best tips for successful induction/orientation programs for new employees?

Hi John
Somebody from Culture Amp referred your question to me. The answer depends a lot on a few company demographics;

  1. How big is the company
  2. Is the hiring centralised or highly decentralised?

But when we work with customers here are a few tips/ideas we give them:

  1. Try to think about induction/orientation through the lens of the new-hires and not just the employer’s lens. Think about “The Employee Experience” as they join your workforce, not just about an “efficient transfer of knowledge” from Employer to Employee.

  2. Day 1 is usually a stressful and anxious day. Often it can better to give people the basics (like get them set up with their tech, introduce them to their team, show them what they need to know to get them through day 1)… but then start the real knowledge transfer AFTER day 1. We see customers focusing more on making new-hires comfortable during day 1 and introducing them to their team. I see the worst inductions being where new-hires get powerpointed to death on day 1 with totally irrelevant content. Nothing gets retained and it’s a horrible experience.

  3. If you design your new hire training/induction journey over time and can deliver it using a mixture of face-to-face, technology delivered and peer-delivered training (buddy, mentors etc.) then you can drip-feed it so that it a much more enjoyable experience with higher levels of retention.

  4. Take a look at the medium of the induction material. Is it using modern media (eg: videos, simulations etc.), or is it old powerpoint decks, or page after page of manuals). Videos can be made really simply and can be more interesting and authentic if you are capturing stories or tips/tricks from high performers etc.

I hope this helps

Brent Pearson

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