Supporting Working Parents/Caregivers Amid COVID

Hi Geeks,

I’m wondering if anyone has suggestions/recommendations/best practices that their organizations are implementing to support employees who no longer have child or dependent care. Specifically, how do you re-norm on work and communication expectations? What are some ideas for communicating this across the org, especially with managers who may not fully comprehend the unprecedented challenges that many employees may be facing?

Many folks on our team with kids are working until 1am-3am since they can’t get much done during waking hours with kids around. We’ve also been struggling with managers’ expectations to have emails/texts/slack messages replied to within minutes when that’s just not the reality.

I know this is uncharted territory but wanted to see if anyone has started working on something or if we just wanted to post some ideas here. I also recognize that we are so privileged to still be fully operational unlike many organizations at the moment.

Besides getting your feedback and ideas, I’m reaching out to teammates with kids to understand their challenges, collect ideas and present a set of norms/expectations for this new way of working.

Hi Alicia! Happy to share some of our resources from TiLT. We recently wrote a blog about it here and I pulled this specific resource from our platform, if helpful. Let me know if you need any additional support!

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