Survey strategy | running multiple surveys concurrently

My organization is being asked to run two-three surveys between now (August 1) and the end of September 2019. Each survey is between 10-20 questions long. They are covering distinct topics and will be run on at least two different platforms. Do you recommend we combine the surveys into one email, with language distinguishing them and separate links, or run them nearly back-to-back?

Rachel -

Is there any way to combine the surveys into one survey on one platform and then separate the results/data on the backend? With so many surveys, it might be really overwhelming to your employees and difficult for them to see the action that is being taken as a result of each. We often talk about lack of action fatigue instead of survey fatigue and I worry that, with so many surveys, it will be hard to connect their feedback to the resulting action.

If this isn’t possible, my next recommendation would be your first suggestion - combine the surveys in a single email and have language that distinguishes them within the same email.

Excited to hear how this turns out! Let us know if you have any other questions!



Thanks for your thoughtful response! We explored that option of combining the surveys onto one platform, but it’s unfortunately not possible.

I appreciate your feedback on my idea to combine the surveys in a single email. I’m recommending we take the approach that this is a two-party survey exercise while still distinguishing between the two. I welcome other thoughts on this.

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Hi Rachel,

We have been wrestling with a sort of similar question. In our case I wanted to run a short survey to measure some aspects of our performance process in early September, rather than waiting for our next engagement survey.

Some of the things we are doing:

  • Setting clear expectations upfront about what actions we’ll be taking out of each survey, and who will be taking them. We’re doing this to try and avoid lack of action fatigue.

  • Talking about the big picture and how both surveys are linked to our overall People team goals, and how they both link together, so that people don’t just see it as lots of different things going on.

  • Planning upfront how we’ll communicate results in a way that doesn’t feel overwhelming or confusing. In our case, for engagement surveys, we usually share reports with each team, encourage people to review them in teams and take action. For this performance survey, we’re planning to have a single report for transparency, but not do the usual results sessions.

Hope this helps! Keep us posted how it works out for you.

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Hi Joanne,
Thank you for sharing these best practices! They are helpful reminders and consistent with the way we’re hoping to move forward with the surveys. I appreciate you taking the time to reply.