Team building with long tenured and new employees

Hi - we have a big gap in tenure. Half our employees have very long tenure (5-10 years) with the company and those who are newer (2-3 years tenure). Both seem to be more clique-ish towards their tenure groups and at times new employees may not be included. We are having a company event where I would like to do some team building with the company as a whole (we have about 60). Does anyone have recommendations for this?

Hey Annie - one of the methods I’ve deployed for a client who had the same challenge was to set up a buddy scheme where those with the longest tenure were buddies to new folks and I seeded a structured buddy program with conversation starters to help them build empathy, respect and understanding. This might work for you - though a bit more context would help. Feel free to connect with me and I’d be happy to talk over some other ideas. (I think you can send me a message here and we can swap contact info).