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Technical Training and Development

Hello all,

I lead L&D at a tech consulting firm. We have an excellent portfolio of trainings and programs that address skills around leadership and consulting and are working to offer an equal amount of training focused on technical skills. However this is tough for a few reasons:

  • Technology is constantly evolving
  • Culturally folks want to do internally built training but we do not have the time or SMEs to do that without impacting out billable work
  • The tech skills we need are broad and ever evolving

I have proposed bringing in a technical L&D team member to help us design a better strategy but would love to hear how others in technical based industries support learning and development on technical skills.


If it’s technical skill training you need and it’s not IP-specific to your organization, there are plenty of online training platforms for technical skills:

Of course people want it built inside the org- that means you’d own it and can make it hyper relevant and customized- but against the triangle of Speed-Cost-Quality, there’s going to be a tradeoff. Hiring will be high cost, low speed, high quality. A subscription to Pluralsight will be high speed, low cost, low quality. Which matters more to the powers that be?

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Thanks so much! This is helpful and leads me to think what I am fighting the most is cultural expectations. We actually offer Udemy for Business as well as AWS training and all empolyees have a budget if they want to additionally purchase training or licenses such as O’Reilly or Pluralsight but we still see demand for more.

Seems like I am looking for the Low Speed - Med Cost - Med Quality if that even exists!

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