The future of work

Hello all. As many organisations have been forced to work remotely due to the pandemic, there is a move to formalise flexibility as part of the ‘new normal’ (notwithstanding that we’re still in the midst of a health crisis across much of the world).

As part of this, we are looking at how to assess what levels of flexibility are acceptable for different types of jobs. For example, we’ve lots of f-2-f roles, so that’s quite obvious, but what roles where people are responsible for confidential data and information, ie, finance, people data, etc, etc. How ‘secure’ is a non-office?

Has anyone got or seen some sort of checklist to help assess what types of tasks should not be done from home, for data protection or other ‘sensitive’ work?

Hi Georgina, we don’t have this type of specific checklist regarding what can and can’t be done from home however I would suggest considering a more policy focused approach - for example detailing what steps staff must take to ensure confidentiality and data protection (this could also be built into a work from home checklist along with ergonomics), e.g. disclose who else is in the home while they are working from their home office, no printing of sensitive/confidential materials, not saving business materials on personal computers/laptops, must take proactive measures to protect company data such as not leaving computer unlocked when not at the home office desk, etc.

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HI Canaan. Thanks for responding, much appreciated. We’re running a policy review in parallel, and will also be providing some form of ‘etiquette’ guide as well. One of the problems identified in our research with colleagues was that our policies are so complicated, we need to simplify them! We’ve also got a complex structure with a vast range of role types, so some form of categorisation feels necessary as a way to provide a global framework for consistency. All very much a work in progress which will no doubt need to flex and adapt as time passes and circumstances change. It’s interesting to hear from others what and how they’re doing things.

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