Time tracking/transparency tool?

Hello all! I’d love recommendations on a time off tracking/transparency tool, which helps bring visibility to when team members are out of the office for a variety of reasons (sick, working remotely, vacation, etc.). I’d like it to integrate with slack and google calendar, be simple to use, and have great reporting so we can measure the impact of our flexible work programs. Thanks! Kelli

Using google calendar to do this is pretty common. I worked for a company where PTO and sick were in one bucket and although our policy was this is your PTO, use it as needed, the calendar forced this disclosure that I felt was problematic. People felt forced to say they were sick but from a policy perspective it didn’t matter.

Also, it was disproportionately focused on those that worked in office versus remote staff where distinctions like “working from home” obviously are meaningless.

Ultimately, being really clear on the intention is important. What problem does this solve? What are you hoping to achieve through setting up this system?