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Tools for creating quizzes

Kia ora, fellow geeks. I’m wondering if anyone has experience with any low-cost (free) tools which we could use to produce/manage basic ‘quizzes’.
We’re looking to support key learning objectives during each phase of onboarding and having quizzes seems like one way we could strengthen our approach but our current suite of tools do not appear to be equipped with this sort of funtionalty (incl CultureAmp).

Hi Alex, Mark here from across the Ditch. I’m sorry that your question just came up on my feed, but it’s months old. Are you still hunting? I’m happy to share my experience as I do a lot of online quizzes/polling. The fundamental question is going to be 2 part: Do you want correct answer flow control, and or do you want “polls” where you can gauge understanding and get feedback (like survey monkey)? Let me know if I can lend a hand.

Hi Mark - thanks for the reply. Still on the hunt. We’ve been using a bit of a workaround in the meantime. Re your question, it would be the former rather than the latter. We are looking at more of an assessment-type solution rather than just a survey/feedback tool. For example, we have a Health and Safety induction session and we would like to build a quiz or assessment to ensure participants have understood the key elements of the induction (without having to invest in a big, expensive LMS). Any insights or experience would be much appreciated!


Typeform can build interactive quizzes and surveys. I would say it’s relatively inexpensive for a single user license and has many templates already onhand to get started.

Thanks, Jacen - I’ll take a look!

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