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Train the trainer for line managers to be self sufficient in using the CA platform

We are thinking through how we can get line managers to use the CA platform themselves following an engagement survey. We are thinking to have a ‘train the trainers’ approach, where HR would rollout training to managers to enable self service in accessing reports, reading reports and developing actions. Has anyone done this in their company and had success?
In the past HR would pull reports from CA platform and share with line managers. This time we want to encourage a self service approach and start getting managers to use the platform themselves. If anyone has material or insights they can share that would be great!

We did this too. We broke out the software walkthroughs by divisions and had small groups where we walked through the software and overviewed the initial results. We find that most often the Department heads are the drivers for lower level leaders interacting with the software. It also still didn’t eliminate the need for support, as many people understand how to slice and dice the data, but they either don’t understand how to interpret results or have questions on what to do with the data.

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