Training for first time managers!

Hi all - my org has a ton of first time managers and I’m looking for a training consultant or company to come do face-to-face management training. Do you have any recommendations? I am also looking for manager effectiveness training specifically for engineers/tech. Appreciate any insight here!


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Hi Dana - We have used LifeLabs Learning for the People Manager I training. We received great feedback from our employees on this. We will likely use them again this year and then develop our own in-house training as well. They are a bit pricey, but come highly regarded as they focus their approach to training around science. Best of luck. Sara

Hi, Dana! I also second Sara’s recommendation for Life Labs. We had our new managers go through the core skills 1 program here:

I went through it as well to see how it was and I really appreciated how they broke down the various skills and had participants practice and action plan. Our facilitator also did an incredible job understanding our organization and challenges in order to make each session as fruitful as possible. Happy to chat more!

Hi all! We do specific first-time manager training at Fike + Co as we work with a ton of startups and new managers. We tailor to specific culture, performance metrics, and core values of the organization so it’s not an out-of-the-box solution but we work well with startup budgets.

Let me know if you want to chat more!

+1 for LifeLabs Learning. they are great!

Dana, check out this overview or contact Xavier directly for possible private training options or email

Wondering if anyone happens to know of any providers that have done a fair amount of work with startups, that are Sydney Australia based?