UK companies, are you surveying 'furloughed' staff?

Many companies in the UK are furloughing staff at the moment, making good use of the government scheme in response to Covid-19. I’m wondering if others think we should still be sending surveys to staff who are on furlough? We would not like to exclude them from participating in the ‘wellbeing’ surveys we’re sending out at the moment - and we want to allow them to somehow keep the employee community alive while people are temporarily away - but not sure if inviting them to a survey would constitute asking them to ‘work’.
What have others’ approaches been?

We’re sending out the surveys to everyone on their work email and our reward platform, but not contacting furloughed staff to actively encourage them to complete it, mainly because some of the questions for this survey wouldn’t be relevant to them, but we don’t want to completely exclude. We’ll just work out response rates based on non-furloughed staff, as we anticipate that furloughed staff are unlikely to take part. I’m not so worried about it being perceived as asking them to ‘work’ as for our normal surveys, we would contact people on maternity leave etc. to encourage them to take part (few actually do, though). I guess it depends on your questions and whether you can act upon the results for furloughed employees. Hope that helps, but not sure our approach is the ‘right’ one - it’s all uncharted waters! I’d be interested to hear what others are doing too.

We have taken the decision to send out surveys to those furloughed to their personal e-mail addresses. Again, not sure this is the ‘right’ approach but we’ve had feedback to suggest that they want to be included in these sorts of communications.

Thank you for sharing your experience Louisa! I haven’t heard much back from anyone yet about whether they think their approach was the right/wrong one - but I think if you’re hearing from people that they want to be included, that sounds like it makes a pretty strong case!

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