Unconscious Bias

Any recommendations for unconscious bias for interviews training?

Hi @karinamaciassandoval, I have TONS of recommendations! Tell me a little bit more about your organization and your desire for interview training?

Is your organization big or small? Are you just in the US, or spread out across the globe? What about the level of maturity when it comes to understanding D&I in the workplace (will this be your first training - or supplemental to an existing strategy?)

Tell me more about your desire for interview training. Do you have data showing that women and minorities aren’t making it through the recruiting process at equal rates of majority group members? Do you have anecdotes or data from a candidate survey (specific examples can be helpful!).

Fantastic! We are a series-A start-up, currently 40 people. We are in the US only, with most employees either in SF or NY. In terms of level of maturity, I’d say we’re fairly new as this would be our first training (but ideally we’d like our “first” training to be one of many as we want to make sure we go deep and can make it second nature).

We currently don’t have any anecdotes/data that shows women and minorities aren’t making it through the recruiting process. The desire for training stems more from the acknowledgment that as humans, we have bias, so we’d like to make sure we are proactive and address it sooner rather than later when something goes wrong.

Gotcha! Thanks for the intel. Great that you’re starting early!

My three recommendations, based on where you’re at in your journey, are Peoplism (www.peoplism.com), Awaken (www.visionawaken.com), and Collective (hello-collective.com). All have presence in SF & NYC and do great with small start-ups.