US and Canadian Benefit+Payroll Platform


I am currently looking to change the way we administer payroll and benefits for the US and Canada. I would like to find a platform that can house payroll, benefits, and HRIS for both countries. Does anyone know of any platforms that are similar to ADP’s cross-boarder solution? Or a god platform that can accomplish payroll, benefits, and HRIS for one of the countries? Any insight is much appreciated!

Hey Alexa,

Welcome to the community. While you’re waiting for a response on this, have you looked at this question?

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Hello Alexa,
My firm, RJ Reliance has done payroll and benefits implementations for many different companies, and localization in 62 countries and counting including US and Canada. We’ve worked with all the major vendors, and have some insights into the tradeoffs you’ll run into with each one. If you’d like to discuss further, I’d be happy to set up an intro meeting.
Charles Bogenberger

Hi @Alexa

You may want to check out UltiPro:

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