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US payroll & benefits platform providers

Hi there looking for recommendations for US payroll and benefits services for a small number, approx 10 employees in multiple locations although New York & California specifically.
Looking for a wide range of benefits including healthcare, dental, vision, life insurance, ADD, 401k, commuter benefits etc as well as all compliance and tax filing services. Ideally looking for a facility to make off cycle payments too with a short turn around such as same day/24hrs.
Any positive experiences of the ‘one stop shop’ would be appreciated - thank you!

We use Justworks for all of the above and it’s a great system; the system is intuitive and easy to use, the benefits are easy to set up and they have partnerships in place already, they have a slack channel for support that have always been really great, they have loads of information on compliance and take care of most of it for you! So far the only thing I’ve had to to manually is the wage theft prevention form and JustWorks made that easy too!

Gusto is great if you’re staying small (under 50 EEs) and avoiding a PEO.

As far as PEOs go, I think Sequoia One and JustWorks are the best for tech startups.

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