Using 'teams' to change the way people work in organisations?

Do you have examples of how the ‘teams’ tool has changed the way people work in your organisation?

Hey @Youngta, thanks for posting and welcome! Can you provide some more info on the ‘teams’ tool or are you thinking more generally? Is it Microsoft teams?

Hi - its Microsoft teams

Hi - we’ve been using Micorsoft teams since the start of 2020. The greatest benefit I see is that it allows you to wok with others virtually, espcially helpful for when you’re working with others from different teams where you may not have access to the same shared drives or folders etc - by work I mean, have instant message conversations, share documents (informal and formal), comment, share links to resources etc. It’s bbeen usper helpful for our organisation…

Hi, we introduced Microsoft Teams in March when our business quickly shifted to remote working. It is the only colaboration and video conferencing tool we have so it has been a real life saver for us, and provides us a bit more security than free tools like Zoom. We have a company wide social page which has allowed everyone to contribute and connect. We had a ‘Bring your Pet to Teams’ day where team members posted photos of their pets while working from home. Team members are also starting to share recipes, discussing the footy etc.
Different departments also have their own pages to discuss team specific questions or updates.
Overall it has really helped us transition to work remotely. :slight_smile:

Thanks for this. Do you have any tips on how you engaged your audiences to jump on board? Did you use champions?

My advice is get a few superusers on board early - who can share with the rest of the team how to use Teams. We had to nominate one person from each team to attend some training - then they kinda helped others get on board, demonstrated and role modelled how to use it.

My office, about 170 people large, have been using Microsoft Teams since the beginning of this year. We’ve learned how to leverage the video conferencing platform to the Teams notebook to manage meetings, notes, attachments, and followup conversations. We have also tried polling in chats as a way to engage members who are more introverted in virtual meetings. Happy to share more about Teams.

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