Virtual Speakers for Employees

Hello! We are looking for guest speakers/consultants to come and speak with our global employees virtually about best practices for maintaining mental health during COVID, as well as someone to speak about best practices for meetings, and how to make meetings more efficient. Would anyone have any recommendations for these kinds of speakers?

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Hi there. I deliver a range of workshops and interactive talks. We have one on well-being (preventing burnout) and another for improving meetings (fix-your-meetings).

Feel free to check out our info and let me know if you’d like to discuss.

If you were looking for something more specifically around mental health, I can also make a referral.

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It sounds like a great challenge during difficult times. We have been working with clients through a series of wellness webinar sessions that have included Emotional Intelligence (understanding feelings and their impact) and resilience (both mental and physical).

These interactive sessions suit an internal audience as well as an open forum. You might consider opening the forum to employees and their families! That adds a wholesome approach that is inclusive.

Let me know if you would like to talk further. The topic has so many facets to it that it will be valuable to identify the scope versus the amount if time available and the objectives you are seeking. Warm Regards from Australia, Mark

My partner’s company has been using Recalibrate ( and has been loving it. They were doing these kinds of workshops in person in Austin before COVID and have transitioned to fully online now.

I would be happy to introduce you to the owner Gloria Chen or you can email her at

Hi @rriberdy, my podcast host and I do speaking engagements about failure! We typically interview a senior leader about a particular failure then spin it out into an org-wide conversation about culture and failure, how failure inhibits/encourages productive meetings and communication, and breaking down the failure stigma. You can listen to our podcast here and here’s where we talk about our Failure to Findings offer.

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