Wellbeing programs that haven't worked

Does anyone have examples of wellbeing programs you have tried at your organisation that didn’t work? What did you learn?

In general, I have seen some wellbeing programs focus solely on physical health. To me, that feels limited in approach. The best wellbeing programs should take a holistic approach to wellbeing. We know that mental health is a critical piece - especially in today’s “always on” culture.


Definitely. I worked at an organization that tried to institute a whole wellbeing program that including things like discounts to Weight Watchers, wellness challenges, organization-sponsored 5ks, etc. The biggest downfall that we saw wasn’t the programming itself, but the lack of communication on the options that are available to employees. We would host a wellness fair every year where employees knew the branding of the wellness program, but had no idea what they actually had access to. Similar to everything else in HR, my biggest tip is COMMUNICATE, COMMUNICATE, COMMUNICATE :slight_smile:

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