WFH Reimbursements for home ofc internet / ergonomic set-up / furniture (U.S., California)

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At my startup, most of us are still working from home. Can you share whether your company is providing a monthly stipend or reimbursement for internet and anything else? And what did you provide to employees to create a working home office set-up? Did you order items (desk, peripherals, more monitors, etc.) for your employees or give them a set amount to get their workspace kitted out?

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Australian-based here. We offer salary sacrificing / salary packing for office and computer consumables so people can choose what they want and get the tax break. We’ve been fully remote from the start though, so our team were hired on the understanding they’d need a home office space. If your company transitions from a central office to remote working, I believe there is a responsibility to provide necessary equipment.
We also pay a “Working from Home Allowance” to contribute towards the cost of internet, electricity, etc. At the moment it’s an additional 52c per hour, automatically calculated and included in payroll.

Thank you, laurenquip! The Working from Home Allowance is a great idea for internet, electricity, etc.

And I agree with you regarding responsibility to provide the necessary equipment - all of our employees have their choice of laptop, up to 2 monitors, choice of peripherals (mouse, keyboard, etc), and lower-cost ergonomics.

The items we don’t currently pay for, unless by special request, are chair, desk, specialty ergonomics unless required by doctor’s note.

Hi there! My company Benepass helps companies administer WFH benefits. We distribute Benepass cards to each employee to use to purchase WFH items directly, or they can submit a reimbursement. They can check their balances, track spending, and upload receipts all via the mobile app.

We’ve commonly seen a one-time stipend to purchase home office furniture, tech accessories, wifi, and cell phone. You can specify that employees must purchase these items to enable them to work from home, and therefore the stipends would not be taxable.

We also see then cell phone + home internet stipends provided on a monthly recurring basis. These would also be considered business expenses, so non taxable.

In the US, there’s a unique opportunity of providing a Section 139 Qualified Disaster Relief Payment, which allows you to provide a stipend that is non-taxable.

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