What are creative ways to promote an Inclusion survey?

Curious to hear what you have seen when it comes to promoting an inclusion survey and getting people to participate.

Hi Josh!

For an inclusion survey to be truly effective, you’ll need a high responses rate so you can actually analyze the quantitative + qualitative data. And different groups will need different approaches/reminders to encourage them to complete it!

The underrepresented groups of your company will need to feel like they can trust the survey organizers - that their honest answers will be taken seriously, handled with careful judgment, and not be used for future retaliation. They’ll want to know that the company leadership/HR can actually take in the feedback – if they don’t believe that, they simply won’t complete the survey, which would leave out perhaps the most valuable insights of the whole exercise. So be prepared and address concerns up front! (Steven and I have written about this previously at my blog, Inclusion At Work - here!)

Then, there’s the majority groups. I would use the opportunity of an inclusion survey to remind people that D&I is not just “a charity effort” for the “women and minorities” of the company – I find this to be a common sentiment that gets in the way of truly impactful D&I.

Instead of D&I being a “women and minorities” issue, remind the team that it’s a critical part of building great organizations in our globalized world. Numerous studies have proven that D&I leads to stronger business performance, so it’s not something we can afford to dismiss.

Furthermore, companies that care about D&I will end up creating a work environment/employee experience that benefits everyone, not just people from marginalized groups. (I’ve written more about this in a tweet thread). That’s why the inclusion survey seeks to capture every employee’s experience and perspectives, no matter the demographic. Every piece of feedback will be a clue of a larger puzzle, and if you can truly embody and communicate this, hopefully the team will respond in turn with their earnest participation. Good luck!!