What are ideas for employee engagement for a remote workforce?

With COVID-19 currently happening, are there good team building or social connection activities or engagement opportunitie you recommend virtually? Thanks!

You could try a Virtual Happy Hour maybe on a Friday afternoon?

Hey @stefaniegr we’ve pulled together a great list of WFH resources on culturefirst.com/resilience

My favourite one so far was a Virtual Pub Trivia that we tried with some colleagues last week. We used zoom rooms to get the teams together and broadcast the questions to the rooms. Between rounds we brought them back together in the main room - it was so much fun and a break from the reality of the world right now.

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Hey @stefaniegr. Working as part of a wholly distributed team, we’ve found that having a central communication hub is vital for keeping the team engaged. We use Workplace, but there are other options like Slack and Yammer. We have a dedicated Social stream for people to share photos of their “new co-workers” or working spaces, share Netflix recommendations and book clubs, post up memes and blow off steam during work hours. It’s our virtual water cooler and we make an effort to keep it as active as any of our project based channels. With most people facing additional stress or demands on their time at the moment, we’ve steered away from anything too structured or time-demanding.

We have a daily activity calendar that is posted on our Intranet and on a MS Team chat called Mobile Unit. The responses to survey polls and responses to the activities occur on Team chat. We use Survey Monkey for poll activities. Here are April’s activities. We have two employees that are responsible for comping up with ideas and implementing the activities. It is a minimal amount of work with just a few that are little more work.

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