What are some great ways to assess culture during a scaling stage

I’m working on a leadership development program and looking for practical ways to assess and maintain a healthy culture. Thanks!

Hi Tanal!

Culture Amp’s platform includes a variety of validated surveys that can measure aspects of your organization’s culture (e.g., engagement, wellbeing, inclusion, and life cycle surveys).

Specific to your leadership development program, we also have leadership and manager effectiveness surveys based on Google’s Project Oxygen, coaching, positive psychology, and motivational science. We tailor our surveys to be focused on development (rather than performance management).

The results of any, all, or a combination of the surveys above can give you holistic insights to your organization’s culture that will help you create and/or maintain the type of culture you seek!

Excited to see what comes of your program! Keep us updated :grinning:

This is great! Thanks, Sahra!!