What are some Inclusion metrics we can use?

My current challenge is how to present the D&I metrics in the best possible way so that the senior management can use them to drive positive actions. We are experimenting with approaches, and I want to focus their attention on a few metrics they can influence positively. We are currently reporting mainly gender representation metrics, which is not optimal, and the conversation is much more about gender representation rather than inclusion.

Any ideas will be appreciated.



What I do when presenting this to my org is focusing on the following:

  • Looking at overall engagement score to see where there are gaps based on race, gender, position level, etc.

  • Checking the engagement questions that will help illustrate the experience of working here for certain groups of people. So if you are looking at gender, I would look at the questions around work environment to be able to point to is there inclusion felt by women - how are women responding (compared to men, and compared to the overall) in regards to recognition? That workplace is productive? That they feel like they belong? That they are motivated to work there? Basically reviewing your survey questions that will tell you about the experience of working in that company. And if you see gaps by a certain group (EX: women are lower than men or overall on some of those questions) that can highlight areas where there is not an inclusive work env. happening.

That’s just how I do it! I also combine this with retention and promotion data to paint a full picture. For gender, are women leaving at a higher rate than is proportional? Are women proportionally represented within promotions? Those metrics also can point to inclusivity, or the impact of inclusivity.

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The other pro-tip I have @AniG is to make sure to look intersectionally. If you’re using an Inclusion Survey, present your results like this: