What are the best Recruitment books / references that you can recommend?

My go-to references are Who (by Geoff Smart and Randy Street) and How Google Works (by Eric Schmidt and Jonathan Rosenberg). Are there other books that you think would be helpful in recruiting smart creatives?

Another great one is: The Talent Delusion: Why Data, Not Intuition, Is the Key to Unlocking Human Potential by Thomas Chamorro-Premuzic and Adam Grant’s “The Originals” also comes highly recommended.


Will check these out. Thanks, Lucy!

As someone who has spent lot of his time in hiring, i personally found the following books really helpful.

  1. The hard thing about hard things- Ben Horowitz
  2. Delivering Happiness- Tony Hsieh. (Culture Question set is amazing)

I think, online resources are more effective than books. I keep on revisiting first round article on this. https://firstround.com/review/the-best-interview-questions-weve-ever-published/