What are the latest trends in Learning and Developing?

Have you rolled out an innovative program recently? Or are you aware of new trends in the industry? Share here what is new in L&D

Hi Patricia,

Great question! I am sure others in the community will have some awesome answers for you.

One of the things we do at Culture Amp to encourage and enable self-directed learning is we give $1000 USD annually to each employee to spend on learning and development opportunities of their choosing. We call this Learn Yourself Up (LYU) and it has been quite successful in giving people opportunities to develop skills that are closely tied to their current roles as well as branch out and take on new learning opportunities. We reimburse a higher percentage for developing skills that are tied directly to your current job as we expect to get more immediate value.

That said, one of the great benefits of program is it encourages people to take on learning in things tangential to their work (e.g. learning a new language or to play an instrument) which can then often lead to new, innovative connections being made.

We are still relatively small (~350 employees) so we get away with tracking this in a Google sheet which has the added benefit of being completely transparent. There have been a number of times in the last three years where I have been inspired to take a course or attend a conference because I saw someone else add it to the google sheet.

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@PatriciaEast, I’ve developed a peer based learning program for mid level professionals looking to expand their knowledge and learn more about other parts of the business. It’s a great opportunity to introduce collaboration, networking, problem solving, cross-functional projects and peer coaching to a safe and fun forum. Best of all, participants debeloped some valuable presentation and facilitation skills and accountability of learning stayed within the group! Requires a high level of commitment and some support / sponsorship from a senior leader but worked really well.