What are the trade offs of an attributed vs. unattributed D&I survey?

I’m considering launching a D&I survey. Traditionally we’ve done this anonymously, but have received some pressure from leadership to make it attributed to have more actionable results.

Employees may not feel comfortable answering certain questions if their names are directly attached to their feedback. Is there a way you can attribute categories vs individuals? For example, being able to say “40% of women feel heard at work” or “POC, who make up 20% of our workforce, feel 10% less likely to be included”. That gives you directly actionable data to work with.

When we did our first D&I survey we struggled with the same questions - our initial attempt to to maintain anonymity meant we had trouble using the information we collected, but we also felt that it was really important for people to report identity and experiences without any concerns about retribution. Now we use a tool called Pluto that allows us to collect a lot of nuanced demographic data while maintaining the employees’ anonymity. They take privacy incredibly seriously - https://pluto.life