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What are your best practices for developing employees hired with a criminal background?

I work with an organization whose majority of employees are in addiction recovery, or are ex-prisoners. I’m assisting with building programs for training and developing their employees, and would love to hear what you guys have done with a similar employee group to help them develop as workers and leaders! It’s SO important to me that all individuals working for the company are viewed with a growth mindset, and I also realize that there may be additional programs outside of conventional leadership development that have helped set this employee group up for success.

I’m excited to hear your responses!

Hi Hannah, it is really great to see an organisation supporting these people in the community.
I have assisted with a similar program once in a previous role. We looked at assisting that person to develop their sense of self-value first. This allowed them to understand that they were important to the organisation and the community. Building on that foundation we were able to assist them with self awareness, their expressive and communicative vocabulary and emotional intelligence in the workplace. This was quite intensive and the organisation gave a lot of space for this person to develop. There were regular work plans and 1:1 sessions using the PASE model (Tracey Harris, Amovita Ltd).
By assisting the person to see their own self worth, we were then able to support them to develop their professional frameworks and a career path plan.

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