What attributes do you look for in your leaders?

“The link between great people leaders and culture is critical because leaders define the culture and embody its elements. Put bad leaders in place and you’ll have a bad culture.”


Just as you stated, leaders help shape the culture of our companies, meaning they have to demonstrate the values that we want everyone, from frontline employees to executive leadership, to demonstrate. I never knew how to embody the number one trait I look for in leaders (whether this be in politics, our organizations, etc.), until I started at Culture Amp (as corny as that sounds :stuck_out_tongue:). But one of our company values is ‘Courage to be Vulnerable.’ Not a lot of people have this as a strength, but I’ve always found that I respect and trust leaders more when they are willing to say that they don’t know something, they messed something up, or they are looking to improve upon something.

Empathy, listening to understand, coaching capability, authenticity, humility, strong problem solver or facilitator, perceptive and strong EQ across the various awareness areas.

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