What comes after open-plan offices?

We’re about to relocate and have the chance to re-think our office layout. I’m no fan of hot-desking or open plan offices - but short of going back to those cubes (#nevergonnahappen) or separate offices, what is the latest thinking (that has proven to work).

I’ve read plenty about the drawbacks of options, but little suggests a better way, so I’m hoping for some help here :slight_smile:

Mark -

First off, congrats on the move! What an exciting time for your organization.

I think a blended approach works best, where you mix an open floor plan with some private rooms (conference rooms and individual offices) that employees can utilize if they need some quiet time for themselves, to take a call, or to collaborate with others.

This is also, however, highly dependent on the culture of your company. My philosophy when it comes to most things: when in doubt, just ask! If you have time, maybe conduct some small focus group sessions with employees in different departments to see what they would like to see (e.g., more collaborative environments, keep the cubicles (fingers crossed they don’t :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:)).

Best of luck!

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