What do Career Paths look like in your org?

I want to drive the development of career paths within our organization and I wonder what different approaches your companies are taking.
My first draft looks like a flow chart with existing roles in boxes and arrows indicating how you can move from one to another with all roles of a certain level appearing within a frame that is indicating each level ranging from 0-5 (intern all the way up to Senior VP).
Can someone share a screenshot or explanation how you developed it and what it looks like/how it works?

Thanks so much! :hugs:

Hi Alex, general pro tip with career paths: make it dumb simple. Most people might look at it once or twice a year, so simplicity reigns.

But here are a billion examples otherwise, mostly in the Engineering space because they like to overwork things:

I also wrote a blog post about Career Vectors, which is my way of trying to hew “dumb simple”: https://www.learntoscale.us/thought-bubbles/why-you-should-be-using-career-vectors

Hi Dan, thanks a lot for this!

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