What do you call your engagement survey and how often do you deploy it?

We are in the midst of revamping our employee engagement survey and would love to hear from other People Geeks around what you decided to call your survey and how often you deploy it!

We usually just name our surveys Engagement or Engagement Pulse! Not the most imaginative but it gets the point across. People also know that these surveys are part of our regular cadence of engagement surveys and action planning.

When there is a specific focus we’ve included that in the name. For example, we’ve had one called Engagement Pulse (Wellbeing Focus), or one about Inclusion. This has helped to create clarity around why specific questions are included.

We also include some indication of the date e.g. Q2 2019 or Sep 2019. Over time as you are looking back across multiple surveys you’ll want to know that!

For cadence, it’s important to consider how often you can take action off the back of a survey. If you run them more frequently than you can make changes, there’s a risk of lack of action fatigue - people quickly lose interest in the survey and not want to participate if they don’t believe that change will happen as a result.

Hope that helps! Let us know what you decide to call it :slight_smile:

I’m afraid the name isn’t out of the box as we called Engagement Survey. We run it 2x/year and every manager have a discussion on results once they have been shared with the organisation. Hope that helps!