What Employee Engagement Increase % should I expect?

Hi, does anyone have information on what a reasonable or good (or statistically significant) percentage increase in year over year engagement is?

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It all depends on the size of the group that you are trying to impact and the starting level of engagement. For example if you have a small group (say 10 employees) and only half of them are engaged, that would mean you have 50% engagement. To work with that small group of ten people during the year, address the things that you learn are impacting their lower levels of engagement, it is realistic to expect that you would be able to move 2-3 of them into a more engaged state.

Now, lets say you have 100 employees and 75 of them are engaged, I would expect that of the remaining 25 people, even if you took action to make real change and address their concerns you are only likely to move about 5 of them into an engaged state.

As the number gets closer 100% engaged, the harder it is to see big improvements. As the group gets bigger, the more difficult it is to make large improvements in engagement scores. That said, with larger groups, even smaller changes are notable. It is worth pointing out that while in the second example the % increase was only 5%, you had a meaningful impact on 5 people while in the first example, while the % point increase was 20-30%, you impacted fewer people.

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Great question…I’ve asked the same of Culture Amp in the past and found these 2 articles really helpful in helping me through my thinking and my communications with my execs: