What have you learned & fixed?

Greetings, ‘hive mind’! A lot of people in the HR community have been surveying employees over the last few months, and I would love to collect some examples of small things people have been able to learn & fix to better support employees in these times…

For example, in our organisation, we learned early on in the crisis that while folk were hearing enough from our CEO and their own leaders, they wanted to see & hear more from the rest of the exec team - so we quickly put leaders on a cross-functional ‘AMA tour’ and we spread the load of communicating company-wide messages amongst the leadership team. Just a small change but it’s had a big impact on how connected we feel as a company.

But that’s just us, what about you?

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We have introduced monthly Check-In surveys on Culture Amp during the crisis. They have been really insightful in firstly providing us a sentiment from across the business of how our people feel we are dealing with the situation and it was great to see they felt we are doing the best we can to suppor them and our customers.
We also learned that although we completed DSE assessments across the business during the first weeks of lockdown as the weeks went by the needs of our people changed. So our environment team has put a working from home package that will be offered across our business to support our colleagues.


A theme for us was Leadership visibility. Our CEO has been super visible because he’s running our weekly Town Halls so a small adjustment we made was to ensure each of our exec speak at the Town Hall on various topics. This helps with visibility but accessibility remains a challenge…


Thanks @Eleanor_Bird! Sounds like you had very similar lessons (and solutions) as us!

@Christos.Tsaprounis great to hear the positive feedback you got for your initial response and support. Definitely sounds like a worthwhile lesson learned about the DSE assessments though…

Really great to hear some real-life examples of how you’ve been able to listen and respond to employee feedback - thank you both!

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We’ve done a number of small things to ease the lockdown gloom for our colleagues:

  • we’ve moved to fortnightly virtual floor brief with a broad set of CEO, Exec and senior leaders’ updates, our CEO does a weekly vlog and hosts virtual ‘breakfast with me’ sessions
  • our learning team have been curating bitesize online leaning paths on topics such as resilience, burnout, virtual fatigue, productivity in lockdown etc
  • we fund that colleagues love a bit of escapism and fun, and our Social team has been running fun lockdown challenges such as bake-off, recreating famous film scenes/portraits, keepie-uppies etc
  • we use Microsoft Teams and have created a number of communities who exchange tips, ideas, motivate and support one another
  • we’ve give all colleagues a pot of money each to buy the necessary bits and pieces for their remote working home set-up

I hope these might inspire or help others. Really looking forward to seeing what other companies are doing!


Thanks for posting this question @Joseph_Hopkins. It’s great to see @Christos.Tsaprounis and @Eleanor_Bird posting for the first time too :slight_smile:

Last week Culture Amp released our Insights from our COVID-19 Survey Template

Hopefully it is able to provide you with additional trends we are currently seeing



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