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What is the best survey type for conducting Anniversary surveys?

Would it be best to have one continuous survey and keep or to have separate surveys for each month in a program? I would want to pull responses quarterly but also see trends of people’s responses year over year. I have an active survey for March anniversaries up now. I’d also like to learn how to calculate the enps or nps scores for these questions.

Hi Salsify,

Can you clarify what you would change if you did different survey’s monthly and what your overall objectives are? There’s benefits and downsides to each approach, but its best to match up the tactic with the desired outcome. For example, you said you are looking for year over year (YOY) data, and that’s easiest to track with consistent questions.

In terms of eNPS, I’ve done the traditional 10 point scale in the past, but I’m currently looking into the Culture Amp approach, which uses multiple questions and keeps their standard 5-point scale. They have two articles that outline the process here and example questions here.

Curious to know your thoughts, because I want to bring eNPS to our org as well.

I have previously used one continuous survey for exit interviews which worked well because our exit numbers were low but if you have clear periods (eg quarters) then I’d close it off each quarter. Maybe talk to a rep and see what can be done.

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