What is your HR strategy for 2021?

I’ve been thinking 2021 will continue to be a different and difficult year. There’s still a lot of uncertainty and while we’re fully a remote team, well-being, efficient ways of working, staff development, employee experience and engagement will be at the forefront for us.

What are your strategic people plans for next year?

Hi Shilpa, I ran a webinar yesterday about this! Here’s a link to the recording and we even made an infographic of our plans here.

The short version is:

  • Use Pulse surveys with a mix of quantitative and qualitative questions to ascertain some level of certainty, or at least data to back up your planning.
  • Identify themes from that data. You’ll probably find things around mental health, wellness, and flexible working arrangements. Budget against those themes, rather than for specific programs.
  • Put in some budget lines for compensating employee resource group leaders. ERGs while remote are a great antidote to feeling disconnected, and for the bigger focus diversity and inclusion needs to be for 2021, that budget line demonstrates true commitment.
  • Now’s a great time to do a gap analysis so you solve the right problems for 2021. This means really stepping away from your gut and into the business needs to prioritize what will deliver results to the important problems.
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Awesome!! Thank you very much @Learning_Whisperer

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