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What other demographics have you added to your engagement surveys?

I’d like to understand what other demographics have you added to your surveys? e.g. parents v.s non-parents, people who WFH vs. flexi, vs. full time in the office, contractors vs. perm staff.



Hi Jade. It depends what you want to understand of your different employee groups and how you would use the insight. Our demographics are both personal characteristics and employment-related. We’ve found it invaluable to be able to ‘build’ a holistic view using the custom heatmap to combine different characteristics. For example gender plus pay band plus ethnicity. Ultimately what you discover should be used in some way to make improvements.

+1 to what Georgina said.

We also capture both employment and personal characteristics in our demographics. Some of the employment related ones are: hierarchy, do they manage people, location/office, department. Some of the personal characteristics we include are: race/ethnicity, gender (including nonbinary options), do they identify as having a disability. I like the idea of capturing parents, particularly given the effects during the pandemic.

Hi Katie! We’ve tried to add demographics related to our company goals/KPI’s, or to gauge value of certain benefits or programs. Some special demographics we’ve loaded on our engagement survey were: # of safety incidents in the past 6 months, participation in mentor program, # of company events attended, volunteer hours utilization, specific training program completion. Then some other ones we found interesting were commute time, previous intern, external hire or internally promoted leader. We were looking for any relationships between the level of engagement of our employees and how many company events they attend, or what trainings they complete etc. - then we try to compare that to how long are they staying and how well are they performing since we load those demographics as well. We’re still pretty new to Culture Amp so we’ve only done one engagement survey so far, but I’m really looking forward to being able to see some trends in areas like that.

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