What’s the first thing you would do as HR at a company?

Let’s pretend you can do anything you want at a new company as HR with unlimited resources but you can only pick one thing. What would it be?

Hi @BEH!

Apart from what I feel is the obvious, in terms of building open, honest and transparent relationship with your people, I would say introducing a formal learning and development / feedback and recognition program / outline / policy.

Learning, developing and growing is essential for people to thrive and by focusing on this area you’re showing that you are invested in them as humans, not just as workers for a business.

Good thing Culture Amp can help with this! :slight_smile:

What a cool question! :clap: Assuming that I don’t know what the existing problems and pain points are, I would probably start with “stay interviews”, i.e. do 1-on-1 interviews (or maybe more casual lunch/coffee or something) with people from different teams/departments/levels, to myself get to know the people, get to know the culture, and give people a chance to share ideas of what they would maybe like to be improved. I would hope that this would act as starting to build trust etc. (like what CSJAY there already said).

I’m not sure if people would yet feel comfortable with sharing the worst pain points, though they might also be more open to doing that with a new, impartial person. Probably not a one-size-fits-all kind of a thing… My main point would be to make sure that I’m doing something I know will bring value to people. And if I can show that I’m really listening, then that could be a good kickstart for a great open/honest/transparent/trusting relationship.

I hope what I’m saying makes any sense, I’m just telling what I would love to be able to do in my current company :innocent:

My first reaction is boring and practical - I’d be looking to get my foundational systems (e.g., HRIS, ATS, etc) in place. I have heard so many times about how people are still managing employee data in spreadsheets and how it is such an administrative nightmare for them that keeps them from working on the things they’d love to be working on.

If that stuff was in place, I’d probably want to start out by sitting down and mapping out the employee experience journey - starting from what happens once the person has signed their offer through to becoming an alumni - and map out at each point along the journey what I want people to think, feel and do. That would be something I could continue to look back on and evolve and use as my vision as the company grows.

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I wouldn’t exactly “do” anything. I’d stop thinking like an HR person and just get out in the business and ask people questions and really listen to what they are saying, then I would implement on site childcare:)