Whats your view on Psychometric testing/personality testing for Graduate Candidates

Interested in views on Psychometric testing for Graduate candidates. have you used it? would you? what benefit does it bring? what challenges? What other ‘independant 3rd eye’ would you use instead?

In my honest opinion, the biggest benefit is that graduates expect it - and therefore take you more seriously if you use it. Yes, that’s a generalisation, but a reasonable one.

Testing does have benefits - if you use it well - but often it is just a ‘thing’ done at recruitment that has limited bearing on the hiring decision and zero impact post-hire.

As my first CEO would always ask…“If psychometric testing is the answer, what was the question?” If you can answer that, there well may be benefit in progressing. And what instrument will be predicated by what problem you’re looking to solve with it.

Jeez… Drop the jargon, take the candidate to Starbucks if you can and if you can, relax and walk there with them. Have coffee, chat, DON’T take notes. By the time you’re finished, you’ll KNOW if the fit is right or not and how they really are by the end. Remember that you can learn a lot about someone with an ‘hour of play’ than you can with an ‘hour of interviewing’. I’ve been doing this ‘thing’ for over 35 years and it’s always worked for a good fit! So how much is spend on ‘psychometric testing’ versus an hour of coffee an chat with the candidate over coffee? :slight_smile:

Is the Starbucks approach not at risk of leading to people like us?

But I also query psychometric testing for the same reason

If i send 100 candidates to starbucks with 10 leaders will i really be finding out if they fit the organisation or just ‘fit’ with each manager.

I’m not sold on Psych testing its a suggested solution to a bias question … is it the right solution though?