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When is the best time of year to implement organisational change/engagement initiatives?

Hello fellow people geeks,

I am relatively new to this game and taking my first steps in all things Engagement and Culture.
I wanted to reach out to those who have been here before me and gather some insight into the best time of year to start/implement organizational change initiatives.

Did it work implementing at the beginning of the year (start off on the right foot)?

Did it work better implementing at the end of the year (gather a good wrap-up of the year to improve on)?

Or was the ‘budget factor’ the driving force and was a mid-year survey/initiative more successful?

Any information you have will be greatly appreciated! (by myself and my team)

Hi Amber,

From my experience, the term “right time” can be a bit misleading, as there will always be significant resistance points no matter which time of year you chose. For our industry, we have a red zone, a time of year that is what’s called PEAK season, where’s its all hands on deck for a big portion of the business. Outside of that time frame its all fair game.

If you start at the beginning of the year, you traditionally get a lot of receptiveness, but struggle with application and follow-through once business problems start coming in. If you go in the middle of the year, people will start citing things around the corner as a reason to delay. End of the year, well everyone is just thinking about how to coordinate family, and not thinking big picture. You get the idea :joy:

If you don’t have any red zones, think about the message that you are sending, and how this ties in with any seasonality in your business, and really try to plan on mitigating that risk or reinforcing the message several times after.

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