When is the best time to measure engagement for Local Government organisation experiencing massive change?

We are a local Council in South East Brisbane andhave recently joined Culture Amp with the intention of measuring engagment in our organisation. We are facing some big changes in the next couple of months (our former Council was dismissed and we have an election approaching in March), and wondered if any of you have experience in a similar situation and how you managed the timing of the measurement around all of that?

hi. We pick timings that would work on a practical level for the organisation, making sure that it’s a time when people are likely to be able to respond - but not worrying too much about it being a time of change in terms of the results. You may well find the results are not great initially, but it’s how people are feeling and it’s best to face into it and deal with it as best you can. Hopefully, then it’s a baseline score, and you’ll see big improvements in the next survey.

Hi! I also work in the P&C space in LG at Campbelltown Council in SA.

In my experience there is never a perfect time to measure engagement as change is often and reoccurring. The important thing is to be aware of impacts and let leaders know that it may impact the current results (set the expectation) however it’s also imperative not to discount that this is the current engagement result and run with it. Focus Groups can help to talk through and separate the now and future when determining actions.

We had a longwinded EBA negotiation and this impacted our results however not significantly. What was useful as part of our strategy was to consider the maturity of our managers and limit who we released the comments too (just exec). Also have the CEO talk to All Staff before and after the roll out to let staff know the ‘Why’. E.g. New Council and new ideas, want to get our house in order, we are fully committed, this provides a baseline which we can work from.

Happy to connect if you ever want a chat or sounding board. Good luck, Sam! skillington@campbelltown.sa.gov.au