When should organizations start building a people data and analytics team/capability?

With the wealth of data available to organizations these days, at what size should they start building out internal capability to make use of the data?

Hi, J. As soon as possible is the short and I believe appropriate answer. It’s simply beginning with the end in mind, and if recruiting, engagement, culture, and other strategies aren’t informed by data in 2019 and beyond then it’s my view the executives in that organization are acting irresponsibly. The risk of misfits, disengagement, or inefficiency is simply too high. The risk of losing good talent to competitors is too high. The risk of communicating and rewarding inappropriately or inefficiently is too high. And these are just a few examples. The good news here is that there are a lot of tools on the market that can augment an individual or small team in a small or early stage company. Unfortunately, most are just trying to pay people appropriately and otherwise keep the wheels on the bus. It takes an enlightened, progressive leader to make People Analytics a non-negotiable. Over the coming years such leaders will become the norm, even in small companies. For now, they remain the exception. Hope this helps! And thanks for your question!